Wholesale Blends

Let us up-level your offerings

Working with others is our favorite.

  • We’re currently supplying our blends to wellness stores, fitness studios, juice bars, cafes and grocery stores
  • We’re collaborating with coffee shops and cafes looking to add matcha, turmeric, cacao and beet root lattes to their menus
  • We’re helping companies boost their products by adding our blends to their products

Here’s a snapshot of some of our current collaborations.

Wholesale bags for your store shelves

Interested in stocking our blends on your store shelves? We promise your customers will fall in love.

To become a reseller, please contact us at orders@glowflowchefs.com.


Wholesale bulk bags to use behind the bar

We work with cafes to up-level their beverage menus. We provide bulk of our blends enabling cafes to add lattes to their menus. We train staff in making the lattes upon request. Bulk bags are available in 5 or 25 lbs bags. To order bulk bags, please email us at orders@glowflowchefs.com.

Turmeric Lattes | Matcha Lattes | Cacao Lattes | Beetroot Lattes


Additionally, we work with cafes to use our blends in other menu items, such as smoothies, nut milks, chia puddings, desserts and snacks. We provide recipes upon request. 


We collaborate with brands to up-level their products.

Here are a few types of companies we are currently working with to enhance their products:

  • Nut butter companies
  • Yogurt companies
  • Ice cream companies
  • Chocolate bar companies
  • Protein bar companies


To discuss ordering our blends to add to your products, please email us at orders@glowflowchefs.com.